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We’re committed to making commercial real estate more accessible for individual investors

Our team brings diverse industry experience in real estate finance and private equity. We were brought together by a shared vision of transforming real estate investing by providing a new level of access to private transactions and streamlining the investment process. While we believe in the transformative power of technology, we recognize that our platform is only as good as the people and experience behind it. We’re committed to transparency, rigorous underwriting, and investor support.


Smart investing is about managing risk. We help you build a smarter, more diversified portfolio. Building a sound portfolio starts with thoughtful allocation between major asset classes. With Horizon Companies, you can allocate a meaningful portion of your portfolio toward commercial real estate to complement your public market investments. 


We mitigate risk to our investors through diversification across multiple projects. The hallmark of sound investing is diversification. Also, our low minimums allow you to diversify the real estate portion of your portfolio by investing across a range of deal types, helping you manage risk while retaining substantial upside potential.

Our equity raises are structured to align our success with yours. Our team works to ensure that our private investors are on the same economic terms as the other institutional investors that participate in the projects. 

Common Equity

  • Target Annual Cash Return: 6-12%
  • Target Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to Investors: 14%+
  • Typical Term: 3-7 years
  • Risk: As the last party to get paid, equity investors have limited downside protection. However, they enjoy uncapped upside as the deals perform over time.   

Preferred Equity

Our preferred equity deals offer investors a fixed return, combined with a fixed portion of the project upside upon repayment. We employ this structure to provide shorter, fixed terms and to help manage risk.

  • Target Current Preferred Return: 7-12%
  • Target Total Preferred Return: 10-14%
  • Typical Term: 1-3 years
  • Risk: Preferred equity investors are entitled to repayment before the common equity holders and the company are paid. This lets investors manage risk while also participating in a portion of the deal’s target upside.


Preferred vs. Common Equity

Preferred equity investors favor a fixed return and priority as to both the return of their investment and the return on their investment. This is particularly true of institutional investors. Typically, preferred equity has contractual rights contained in the project’s operating agreement. Preferred equity also avoids the need of an inter-creditor agreement with the senior lender.

Like debt, preferred equity most often involves a fixed term. This is usually two to three years. At the end of the term or in the event of certain triggering events related to the nonperformance of the sponsor, the sponsor is typically required to redeem the preferred equity interest for a redemption price equal to the unreturned capital plus any accrued but undistributed interest earnings.

Common equity, on the other hand, is more than just a loan. It is buying into the project. An investor receives a percentage interest in the project. That way, he receives a part of any increase in the value of the completed project. Or he might receive a portion of rental income. Or both. This is pretty much like buying stock from your broker. You own a portion of the company. But if the project loses money, the investor may also lose his money.


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